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The GERRY WEBER Group at a glance

GERRY WEBER In­ter­na­tion­al AG, headquartered in Halle/West­phalia, operates on a global scale and unites five strong fashion brands under a single roof: GERRY WEBER, TAIFUN, SAMOON, talkabout and HALLHUBER. Our brands stand for high-quality, trend-oriented fashion and ac­cessor­ies for demanding and quality-conscious customers. All our brands highlight the wearer’s in­di­vidu­al style in their own unique way.

Founded in 1973 and today listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, GERRY WEBER In­ter­na­tion­al AG has grown into one of the best known fashion and lifestyle companies with almost 1,270 company-managed stores and sales spaces (including 397 from HALLHUBER), some 2,480 shop-in-shops and 270 fran­chised stores worldwide as well as brand online-shops in nine countries. With some 6,900 employees worldwide (including about 2,065 at HALLHUBER) and dis­tri­bu­tion channels in over 60 countries, the GERRY WEBER Group is one of the largest fashion companies in Germany (as at 31 July 2017).

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€ 795 million

in revenues


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The GERRY WEBER ex­per­i­ence

All our activ­it­ies are geared to customer sat­is­fac­tion. At­tract­ive col­lec­tions, a balanced dis­tri­bu­tion network and services of the highest quality underpin the sus­tain­able and prof­it­able growth of the GERRY WEBER Group. We have defined three strategic fields of action to reach this objective and ensure it is met also in the future.

40 years

1973 saw Gerhard Weber and Udo Hardieck establish the GERRY WEBER Group, which today looks back on a history of over 40 years.


4 Brands

GERRY WEBER, TAIFUN and SAMOON as well as HALLHUBER, which was acquired in 2015, inspire women through­out the world.


Global dis­tri­bu­tion

Dis­tri­bu­tion struc­tures in over 60 countries, 1,270 company-managed stores and sales spaces, 2,480 shop-in-shops of our Wholesale partners, 270 fran­chised stores as well as brand online shops in nine countries (as at 31 July 2017)


7k employees

More than 6,900 employees around the globe con­trib­ute to GERRY WEBER’s success on a daily basis – from our head office in Halle/West­phalia to our showrooms in the world’s fashion hotspots to our own stores and sales spaces.


Up to 37 million

items per year are supplied to our customers from our logistic centre built in 2016. Relying on RFID tech­no­logy, the centre is almost fully automated and has a storage capacity of 5.6 million pieces.