Corporate Governance

Declaration of Conformity

The new Transparency and Disclosure Act (TransPuG) in company law was announced in the Federal Law Gazette (Bundesgesetzblatt) on 25 July 2002.

The newly introduced § 161 AktG (German Public Companies Act) obligates the management and the Supervisory Board of GERRY WEBER International AG to declare on an annual basis whether and to what extent the code of conduct for the German Corporate Governance Codex has been adhered to (part of declaration pertaining to the past) and will be adhered to (future part of declaration pertaining to the future).

The declaration of compliance in accordance with § 161 AktG is to be made permanently available to the GERRY WEBER shareholders. GERRY WEBER International AG is fulfilling this requirement with the publication presented below. The Codex is to be revised by the government commission on an annual basis and adapted to new developments if so required.